Szeretettel köszöntünk minden Linkin Park rajongót!
A Piknik Park Europa első Linkin Park Tribute zenekara  bemutatkozik: Csányi Zoli – vocal Sinka Albert – mc Domán Gábor – guitar Domján Gábor – bass, vocal Raja Hamsa Das – drums

Zoli Csányi

I was born in 1974. I have been dealing with music as a drummer for 24 years. I have been following the history of Linkin Park since the beginning and I have been a huge fan ever since. We founded the Hungarian Linkin Park tribute in 2005 August with the inspiration of my wife. My main bands are Black-Out and the Roy and Adam Trio. My favourite bands and role models are Linkin Park, Dave Weckl, AC/DC, Jack Black and from our little Hungary my fave ones are Mocsok 1 kölyök and the others.

Albert Sinka

I was born in 1989 and grew up listening to hip-hop. I have written poems and lyrics, then I got into freestyle, then Csilla and Zoli bumped into me by accident. I’ll introduce my own band soon, I’ve had a guest appearance with Soho, and we’re planning some more feats as well. Fave performers: Sub Bass Monster, Akkezdet Phiai, Method Man and Busta Rhymes. Fave music: Hip-hop, jazz-funk-electro (Parov Stelar).

Gábor Domán


Gábor Domján


Raja Hamsa Das

I was born in 1980. I was playing my mom’s cooking pots when I was a kid. Later, I got into punk and metal. I played in several hobby bands, then I became straight edge and got hooked to krishna lifestyle, then I became a member of a popular band, Mantra (R.I.P.) I was invited to play drums in Piknik Park by Zoli Csányi. He taught me for some time in the past, and then when the band was revived he thought of me. My faves and bests: Keith Caputo, Life Of Agony, Shelter and Black-Out. Fave music: NYHC, 90’s rock/metal and bhajan (traditional Indian)